Goniotomy Glaucoma Surgery Videos

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Goniotomy Glaucoma Surgery Video

Goniotomy Glaucoma Surgery

A goniotomy is a surgical procedure primarily used to treat congenital glaucoma, first described in 1938. It is caused by a developmental arrest of some of the structures within the anterior (front) segment of the eye. These structures include the iris and the ciliary body, which produces the aqueous fluid needed to maintain the integrity of the eye. These structures do not develop normally in the eyes of patients with isolated congenital glaucoma. Instead, they overlap and block the trabecular meshwork, which is the primary drainage system for the aqueous fluid. As a result of this blockage, the trabecular meshwork itself becomes thicker and the drainage holes within the meshwork are narrowed. These changes lead to an excess of fluid in the eye, which can cause pressure that can damage the internal structures of the eye and cause glaucoma.

Goniotomy Glaucoma Surgery Video
Goniotomy Glaucoma Surgery Video

All types of congenital glaucoma are caused by a decrease in or even a complete obstruction of the outflow of intraocular fluid. The ocular syndromes and anomalies that predispose a child to congenital glaucoma include the following: Reiger’s anomaly; Peter’s anomaly; Axenfeld’s syndrome; and Axenfeld-Rieger’s syndrome. Systemic disorders that affect the eyes in ways that may lead to glaucoma include Marfan’s syndrome; rubella (German measles); and the phacomatoses, which include neurofibromatosis and Sturge-Weber syndrome. Since these disorders affect the entire body as well as the eyes, the child’s pediatrician or family doctor will help to diagnose and treat these diseases.

Goniotomy Avastin Injection Right Eye


Brian A Francis, MD performs Trabectome Surgery


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Goniotomy Glaucoma Surgery

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