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Ocular Motility Examination Video

Ocular Motility Examination Video

Ocular Motility Examination Video Ocular motility should always be tested, especially when patients complain of double vision or physicians suspect neurologic disease. First, the doctor should visually assess the eyes for deviations that could result from strabismus, extraocular muscle dysfunction, or palsy of the cranial nerves innervating the extraocular muscles. Saccades are assessed by having the patient move his or ... Read More »

Hirschberg Test – Squint Video

Hirschberg Test - Squint Video

Hirschberg Test – Squint Video Technique It is performed by shining a light in the person’s eyes and observing where the light reflects off the corneas. In a person with normal ocular alignment the light reflex lies slightly nasal from the center of the cornea (approximately 11 prism diopters — or 0.5mm from the pupillary axis), as a result of ... Read More »

Squint Cover Tests Video

Squint Cover Tests Video

Squint Cover Tests Video A cover test or cover-uncover test is an objective determination of the presence and amount of ocular deviation. It is typically performed by orthoptists, ophthalmologists andoptometrists during eye examinations. The two primary types of cover tests are: the alternating cover test the unilateral cover test (or the cover-uncover test). The test involves having the child (typically) ... Read More »

Krimsky Test and Modified Krimsky Test Video

Krimsky Test and Modified Krimsky Test Video

Krimsky Test and Modified Krimsky Test Video The Krimsky test is essentially the Hirschberg test, but with prisms employed to quantitate deviation. The Krimsky test is advisably used for patients with tropias, but not with phorias. This video demonstrates the use of the Krimsky Test to measure strabismus when one eye does not see well and cover testing is not possible.     ... Read More »

Goniotomy Glaucoma Surgery Videos

Goniotomy Glaucoma Surgery Video

Goniotomy Glaucoma Surgery A goniotomy is a surgical procedure primarily used to treat congenital glaucoma, first described in 1938. It is caused by a developmental arrest of some of the structures within the anterior (front) segment of the eye. These structures include the iris and the ciliary body, which produces the aqueous fluid needed to maintain the integrity of the ... Read More »

Glaucoma Trabeculectomy Surgery Videos

Glaucoma Trabeculectomy Surgery Video

Glaucoma Trabeculectomy Surgery Video Trabeculectomy, also called Filtration Surgery, is a surgical procedure performed for treatment of glaucoma. The treatment involves removing part of the trabecular meshwork and creating a new escape route for the aqueous humor. When successful, it allows the aqueous fluid to drain from the eye into an area underneath the conjunctiva where it is subsequently absorbed ... Read More »

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