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MII Ret Cam Pictures in Multiple Retinal Diseases ( Central and Peripheral)

Albino Fundus with Nystagmus Foveal Hypoplasia(By MII Ret cam )

MII Ret Cam : Make In India Retinal Camera is the First Smartphone Based Fundus imaging device with Capability of Imaging Peripheral Retina. MII Ret cam and imaging technique looks promising with stunning fundus pictures like these:   MII Ret Cam result in an Albino Fundus with Nystagmus Foveal Hypoplasia   Retinal hole, Ora, Parsplana   Central Serous Chorioretinopathy   ... Read More »

Smartphone Retinal Camera

First Open Source Smartphone Retinal Camera

Smartphone Retinal Camera Inventor names: David Myung, Alexandre Jais, Robert Chang, and Mark Blumenkranz from Stanford University. Introduction Image-capture in ophthalmology is used extensively for disease documentation, treatment monitoring, and education. Traditionally, this has relied upon expensive, tabletop units operated by a trained technician in an outpatient clinic setting. The pervasive adoption of smartphones by physicians and the ever-improving built-in ... Read More »

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