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Entoptic Phenomenon Notes

The blue field entoptic phenomenon or Scheerer's phenomenon

Entoptic Phenomenon Definition: are visual effects whose source is within the eye itself. (Occasionally, these are called entopic phenomena, which is probably a typographical mistake.) ENTO=WITH IN , OPTIC= EYE, ENTOPTIC=WITH IN THE EYE In Helmholtz’s words; “Under suitable conditions light falling on the eye may render visible certain objects within the eye itself. These perceptions are called entoptical.” Entoptic images have a physical basis ... Read More »

Haidinger’s brush Notes

Haidinger's brush

Haidinger’s brush appears on computer screens and blank areas of sky, and it’s caused by the way our eyes respond to polarized light. The apparition looks like two fuzzy bowties, a blue one and a yellow one, overlapping each other at 90 degrees. The rendering above simulates the effect, but it actually appears smaller, about the size of your thumb extended ... Read More »

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