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Retinal Capillary Haemangioma

Retinal Capillary Haemangioma

Retinal Capillary Haemangioma

By Dr.Ameen Marashi

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Retinal Capillary Haemangioma

Retinal Capillary Haemangioma

By Dr.Ahmad Ateya haemangioma

By Dr.Ameen Marashi Treated by Transpupillary Thermotherapy (TTT) Photocoagulation

Retinal capillary hemangiomas are usually orange red, circumscribed, round, vascular tumors supplied by a pair of dilated and tortuous feeder vessels. They are most commonly located in the temporal peripheral retina. Juxtapapillary retinal capillary hemangiomas are less common, representing about 11% to 15% of cases, and their appearance can vary depending on whether the lesion is endophytic (grow from the retina into the vitreous gel of the eye), exophytic (grow beneath the retina), or sessile (flat).


Fluorescein angiogram of lesion:

1.Arterial phase frame showing dilation and tortuosity of feeding retinal artery and early hyperfluorescent filling of the vascular lesion.

2. Venous phase frame showing intense hyperfluorescence of entire lesion plus fluorescein filling of the previously unfilled draining retinal vein.

3. Late-phase frame showing smudgy leakage of fluorescein from the persistently hyperfluorescent retinal vascular lesion.



Retinal Capillary Haemangioma



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