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Eversbusch operation for Ptosis

Eversbusch operation for Ptosis

Eversbusch operation for Ptosis

an operation for ptosis of the upper eyelid, consisting of resection of the levator muscle through a skin incision.

Eversbusch operation for Ptosis

Eversbusch operation for Ptosis

The Eversbusch procedure consisted of a shortening of the levator by taking a tuck in it, the approach being through the skin of the upper lid. While this operation has proved effective in cases of ptosis of slight degree, it is generally regarded as ineffective in severe cases.

Blaskovics (1908) described an operation for resection of the levator using a conjunctival approach as had been suggested by Bowman fifty years before, but his technique was not fully elaborated until 1929. In 1923 he reported his results in 21 operations after resection of a portion of the levator and excision of a considerable portion of the tarsus. Six years later he elaborated his technique, by the addition of extra sutures designed to create a fold in the upper lid, to improve the cosmetic result, and he recorded another twelve successful cases. In these 33 cases Blaskovics had only two over-corrections and one under-correction.


Levator Resection For Ptosis Reapir

This patient had congenital ptosis with relatively good levator function and Levator Resection under local anaesthesia was performed.



Ptosis Repair – Levator Muscle Resection



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