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Educational Glaucoma Surgery Videos

Non Pentrating Glaucoma Surgery ( Deep Sclerectomy and Viscocanalostomy ) Videos

Non Pentrating Glaucoma Surgery ( Deep Sclerectomy and Viscocanalostomy )

Non Pentrating Glaucoma Surgery ( Deep Sclerectomy and Viscocanalostomy ) Nonpenetrating glaucoma surgeries have been developed in recent years in order to improve the safety of conventional filtering procedures. The goal of nonpenetrating filtering procedures is to reduce intraocular pressure by enhancing the natural aqueous outflow channels, while reducing outflow resistance located in the inner wall of the Schlemm’s canal ... Read More »

Goniotomy Glaucoma Surgery Videos

Goniotomy Glaucoma Surgery Video

Goniotomy Glaucoma Surgery A goniotomy is a surgical procedure primarily used to treat congenital glaucoma, first described in 1938. It is caused by a developmental arrest of some of the structures within the anterior (front) segment of the eye. These structures include the iris and the ciliary body, which produces the aqueous fluid needed to maintain the integrity of the ... Read More »

Glaucoma Trabeculectomy Surgery Videos

Glaucoma Trabeculectomy Surgery Video

Glaucoma Trabeculectomy Surgery Video Trabeculectomy, also called Filtration Surgery, is a surgical procedure performed for treatment of glaucoma. The treatment involves removing part of the trabecular meshwork and creating a new escape route for the aqueous humor. When successful, it allows the aqueous fluid to drain from the eye into an area underneath the conjunctiva where it is subsequently absorbed ... Read More »

Trabeculotomy Glaucoma Surgery Video

Trabeculotomy Glaucoma Surgery

Trabeculotomy Glaucoma Surgery This video presentation aims at explaining the technique and pitfalls of trabeculotomy. It is meant for Ophthalmology Residents and Fellows interested in surgery for congenital glaucoma. . Source: Medical videos – Free Medical video Trabeculotomy Glaucoma Surgery Read More »

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